The Billionaire Blueprint

“Exactly How Sam Walton, a Poor Boy From a Small
Town in America, Built Wal-Mart, a $386 Billion Dollar
Company, With Almost No Business Experience...”

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What is The Billionaire Blueprint?

  • A Video Summary of Sam Walton’s Made in America...
    You will learn all of Sam Walton’s best-kept business secrets
    he used to build a $386 billion dollar business empire...
  • A Video Summary of Sam Walton’s Attitudes About Money
    Learn exactly how Sam Walton thinks about money and business, doing so will help ensure your success in business and life...
  • A Video Summary of Sam Walton’s Thinking Small Principles
    Discover the principles used to maintain the quality of every Wal-Mart store as they scaled to thousands of stores...
  • A Video Summary of Sam Walton’s 10 Business Commandments... Unlock the guiding principles Walton used when building Wal-Mart... These are the major contributors to their $386 billion dollar success...

What’s inside Billionaire Blueprint?

A video summary of the following...

Sam Walton's Attitudes About Money:

  • Chapter 1: Learning to Value a Dollar
  • Chapter 2: Starting on a Dime
  • Chapter 3: Bouncing Back
  • Chapter 4: Swimming Upstream
  • Chapter 5: Raising a Family
  • Chapter 6: Recruiting the Team
  • Chapter 7: Taking the Company Public
  • Chapter 8: Rolling Out the Formula
  • Chapter 9: Building the Partnership
  • Chapter 10: Stepping Back
  • Chapter 11: Creating a Culture
  • Chapter 12: Making the Customer Number One
  • Chapter 13: Meeting the Competition
  • Chapter 14: Expanding the Circles
  • Chapter 15: Thinking Small
  • Chapter 16: Giving Something Back
  • Chapter 17: Running a Successful Company
  • Chapter 18: Wanting to Leave a Legacy

Sam Walton's Thinking Small Principles:

  • Principle 1: Think One Store at a Time
  • Principle 2: Always Communicate
  • Principle 3: Keep Your Ear to the Ground
  • Principle 4: Push Responsibility Down
  • Principle 5: Force Ideas to Bubble Up
  • Principle 6: Stay Lean to Fight Bureaucracy

Sam Walton's 10 Business Commandments:

  • Rule 1: Commit to Your Business
  • Rule 2: Share Your Profits
  • Rule 3: Motivate Your Partners
  • Rule 4: Communicate Everything
  • Rule 5: Appreciate Everything
  • Rule 6: Celebrate Your Successes
  • Rule 7: Listen to Everyone in Your Company
  • Rule 8: Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations
  • Rule 9: Control Your Expenses
  • Rule 10: Swim Upstream

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The Billionaire Blueprint


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